Day: August 8, 2019

How To Take Responsibility For Your Actions

How To Be Responsible? When we enter the world, a blank canvas is born. Deep inside, surprise elements have been provided to paint your best self. Your humanity is a purposefully unique and intricate formula designed for understanding, reacting, and evolving. In laymen’s terms: To understand, react, and evolve = taking responsibility for your actions. …

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Why is Integrity Important?

I was recently in a moral situation. One of my close colleagues, Marsha (not her real name), posted on Facebook how she was disappointed how someone had talked about her behind her back. She says now that she is aware, she will be more careful. It’s kind of like Marsha finally understood that colleague’s “true …

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How To Stop Being Lazy

how to not be lazy Without fail, dirty dishes, filled laundry baskets, and unfinished projects cluttered my apartment and my life. Take out dinners always seemed the best option. Besides, I could always go to the gym tomorrow-right? Where’s the motivation in that? This used to be my life, and every day, I’d feel guilty …

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