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Our Motivation, Goals, And Reasons Behind This Blog

Good intentions live in all of us. Striving to be a better version of ourselves is part of being human. These good intentions can often clash with the imposing phenomenon known as “everyday life.” 

Add some tiredness, a bit of stress, and temptations in abundance, and suddenly, our motivation can take a beating. It can be incredibly discouraging to believe that your life keeps returning to square one when you’ve worked so hard to achieve your goals. The good news is that self-development starts fresh every day, every hour. 

Self-development starts when you decide it should. Falling off the wagon adds tenacity to your repertoire, and failure can bring a new and powerful perspective. It is another step on the journey.

If you’re visiting our blog, then you’ve already taken that first step and decided to commit to self-improvement. We commend you for the decision (here’s a virtual handshake). Welcome to our blog of fresh ideas and inspiration to help you on your way. 

Our Journey and Yours

Self-development or personal growth happens to each of us, whether we like it or not. It happens even when we don’t strive for it. We are different people at various stages throughout our lives, and this is the underlying notion of continuous self-development. 

Taking an active role in our personal development is a different progressive path than passively moving through life at the mercy of whatever is thrown at us, however. When we take personal responsibility for our own reactions and perceptions, it can help us to stay on a positive path that embraces change, instead of wandering down a negative path that fears transformation. 

Once you have achieved the will power to stay on a positive path, only you can take yourself off that trajectory. The moment you start to believe this is the moment where real change can begin. 

The role we would like to offer you is one of guidance, inspiration, and motivation. We want to help you to understand the sheer power your mind has over your reality. You need to understand that you, and only you have control over that mindpower. 

We cannot make the journey for you, and we cannot tell you where to go. What we can do is offer up our thoughts and experiences to help give you some perspective and guidance. We hope our friendly, informative, and unassuming blog does just that.

Some of our blog posts will be general and open to discussions and interpretations. You’ll find other blogs directed at more specific areas of self-improvement, such as finances, relationships, or cultivating personal confidence. 

As you progress through your journey of self-development, however, you will discover that no area of life improves in isolation. Once you have made changes to one area of life, a butterfly effect occurs. Improvements extend across your whole life, and you will be able to enjoy positive outcomes in multiple areas. 

Whatever the topic, we always welcome diverse feedback and constructive comments to generate the flow of conversation and bring fresh ideas into our online community. 

Self Development Secrets

The real secret to Self-Development is that there is no secret (Ssshhh…don’t tell anybody!). An almost infinite source of literature, online resources, audio files, and podcasts will tell you the same thing. 

Self development is all about believing what you’re capable of achieving on your personal journey. We don’t claim to be the keeper of any magical secrets. Our mystery lies in teaching you self-belief.

While self-improvement is an intensely personal journey, it is not one you have to make alone. Our community of like-minded people is on hand to offer encouragement, guidance, and useful tips on how to keep going. Make new friends, gather fresh ideas, and integrate yourself into a positive and empowering new way of life. 

The grandest journey starts with the smallest step. You’ve taken that first step by making the decision to change. Now, start your journey here with us. 

Introducing The Team

Matthew Snider

Matthew Snider

Blogger and Writer

I'm an avid blogger, and perpetual graduate of the University of Life. There’s nothing like time spent in the school of hard knocks to bring some fresh perspective into your life.

Following a particularly trying time, I have benefited immensely from a fresh perspective, beginning with a deeper understanding of the sheer power of the human mind over our own existence. Our reality is subject to our perception, and we have the power to change that, for better or worse.

For me, some negative life experiences became a positive, inspirational tool and brought about the birth of my blog. Rest assured, my writing will always be genuine, heartfelt, and full of positive vibes. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

I love hearing from like-minded individuals and believe there is no such thing as a silly question. I will always embrace the opportunity to connect with somebody new and start a fresh discourse about all that matters in life.

Anybody that makes a conscious decision to work on self-improvement improves the world. I think that’s definitely worth chatting about, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca Temsen

Blogger and Editor

Rebecca here, your esteemed blogger and editor. I’m currently focusing on writing and marketing as my full-time career path. Everybody needs a day job, right?

You guys are my passion, though. What started as a hobby for us is now a huge feature in our lives. Checking in with our inspirational blog has become the highlight of our day (that, and coffee).

We embrace being part of a community of people who want to access their full potential and develop the best possible version of themselves. Connecting with like-minded people, gathering creative ideas, and sharing my own inspiration is what I’m all about.

I hope you’ll find me as inspiring as I find all of you. I look forward to getting connected and staying connected.

Sirarpi Sahakyan</span>

Sirarpi Sahakyan

Chief Editor

My passion is to help my readers by providing unique
information. I am socially active, in real life, and my hobbies are dancing Latin dances, going to the gym and doing nothing on Saturdays.

Madhuleena Roychowdury

Madhuleena Roychowdury

Senior Editor

I am a mental health professional who tries to reach out to as many as possible through my musings. I believe in wholesome living and self-empowerment through insight and gratitude. I am an active yoga learner and a regular meditator, very close to Mother Nature and a believer of eclecticism.

Welcome to a whole new journey of self-development.

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