Shadow of 2 people jumping in joy finding their purpose

Do what you love. Find Your Purpose In Life

Did you know that your success and happiness are largely in your control? You can come to this realization only if you find your purpose in life and do what you are truly passion about. Unfortunately, many of us don't realize that we have unique talents. We choose to do what everyone is doing. What's ...
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Happy smiley face being pressed

I Want to Be Happy! 41 Things That Will Make You Happier

Be Happy And Smile Being happy is good - being your happiest, though, is better. You owe it to yourself to live your life in a happy manner. If you want to be your best, it's a good idea to have a plan of action. Are you feeling a bit down? Telling yourself "I want ...
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An open book showing lots of ideas coming out

10 Reasons Why Reading Is Important

Obsession With Reading Books are everywhere. Libraries big and small and bookstores are splattered all over college campuses and larger cities. They are all filled with one of the most important things of all time—books. Those who read books appreciate the multiple places to find books. Those who aren't fans of books, don't understand what ...
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Woman suffering from Anxiety and Depression

20 Ways To Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Introduction There are many forms of anxiety and depression, and every person experiences these feelings at some point in their life. When these feelings become persistent, draining and crippling, however, it can feel like you are spiralling out of control in a very dark tunnel and all the exits are blocked. Overcoming anxiety and depression ...
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Confident man and woman in the office

53 Confidence Boosting Actions You Can Take Today

Introduction One of the most important ingredients of a well-lived, enjoyable life is self-confidence. Confident people get what they want the way they want it, people enjoy being around them, and they're appreciated in the workplace. They encounter the same problems as everyone else, but they routinely rise above them, taking life in stride. This ...
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A couple at the beach living a good lifestyle

63 Effective Ways To Live A Better Lifestyle

Everyone has room for improvement. This is a simple fact of life. Luckily, each and every one of us was made with different talents, weaknesses, strengths, and faults. This is all encompassed by being human, something that should be greatly appreciated. With that being said, everyone has a weakness or two. Who is to say ...
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Man giving compliments to a colleague

How to Give a Good Compliment? (An In Depth Guide)

Give A Compliment Have you ever given a compliment to someone that was received poorly? Did you ever find it hard to walk up to a person and praise their accomplishments? A compliment is a two-way process. It's a way to make yourself and others feel better. You may not know this, but there are ...
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Couple in grief over a loss

11 Power Quotes to Get You Through Tough Times

Quotes About Getting Through Tough Times Life can be extremely challenging at times, making us feel as though there is no relief to the struggles that plague us at various stages in life. It is comforting to know that trouble will not last forever, and that there are others out there who have triumphed in the face ...
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Guy writing productivity at his workplace

How To Be More Productive In Your Workplace (And Everywhere Else)

How To Be More Productive In Life There are lots of challenges that you face to be more productive in the modern workplace and life. If you've been working for some time, you will know what I'm talking about. And if you're working by yourself or just want to add productivity in your personal life, you can still ...
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Two shadows jumping because they achieved their dreams

13 Steps to Pursuing your Dreams [Quitting Your Day Job]

What Are Your Dreams In Life? Everybody has that one thing that they love to do in their downtime. There are some people out there who want to design, Some crave to write, some itch to build, and some desire to bake. Everybody has something that they love and are good at doing. Many individuals ...
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