Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Being accepted by friends, family, and the outside world is one of the most important things in the life of someone. We want people to love us and care about us. We want them to admire us. We want to feel important in all aspects of our lives, especially around the ones that we love. Unfortunately, this may not always be true. We want to be accepted, but many times, we are not. Being rejected can be emotionally tragic for us. This is because we want to be accepted so much that being rejected can be so disheartening for us.

We want people to love us and care about us

Fear of not being accepted

Friends accepting each other

Society makes us feel that being accepted is a positive characteristic. However, in reverse, being rejected is a negative characteristic. Therefore, we are seen as being flawed if we are rejected, either by our loved ones, or society. This can have a damaging effect on not only our self-esteem but also to how we look at ourselves. Our egos are then damaged, and we feel that we do not belong. This is one of the hardest problems to accept. If we are not accepted, then we are damaged and we fear rejection.

Being damaged is a characteristic that none of us wants to have. We want to appear flawless and perfect, especially in society today. However, we end up being looked at as if we are not perfect. Our flaws are shown in plain sight. We become a dark shadow in a world filled with light. We become an emotional burden on ourselves as well as other people. We see ourselves negatively as a result. This is where our self-esteem begins to drop out of sight, and we start to crawl inside a dark hole and into ourselves because we no longer feel relevant.

“Rejection is merely a redirection; a course correction to your destiny” – Bryant McGill

Wanting to be accepted can be the strongest feeling that a person could ever feel in their lifetime. The fear of not being accepted drags any positive feelings down that they may ever have for themselves. Unfortunately, this could become the saddest time of an entire lifetime. Because of this, a person can feel worthless and hopeless. This can be the most devastating time of their life. This is what happens when a person is rejected. They are at a total loss within themselves completely.

How the Fear of Rejection Can Exist in All of Us

Woman fearing rejection

Whether we realize it or not, every single one of us has a fear of rejection. However, this might be more prevalent in more people instead of others. The fear of rejection is a powerful feeling that can empower all of us. It can overwhelm us to the extent that we may want to draw within ourselves and remove ourselves from society. Sadly, this is an intense reality for many people these days. It overcomes us, and we feel that we are no longer valuable. This is hard for us to accept. For someone else to reject us is powerful enough to erase our self-identity.

Whether we realize it or not, every single one of us has a fear of rejection

The fear of rejection may exist in every single person. However, the key is not to let it overpower us. Unfortunately, for many of us, it does overpower us. It fills our existence. It engulfs our being. The reasons why we have a fear of being rejected can be many. It may be that we want people to love us. It can be that we want to fit in with our peers. It can be as simple as wanting to wear the right clothes or shoes. It may even be that we just want to be accepted by society as a whole, for every reason possible.

Our forms of fashion are some of the top reasons for having a fear of being rejected. This is definitely the case among adolescents. If they do not wear the latest styles of clothing or shoes, they may be laughed at and rejected by their fellow peers and classmates. This can be very damaging because the self-esteem of a teenager is very crucial to who they are. In fact, it is said that the self -esteem of an individual develops in the teenage years.

Suicide and the Fear of Rejection

Woman suffering from Anxiety and Depression

What people do not realize is that suicide is very prevalent in people who have a fear of feeling rejected. This is because they have hit the lowest point in their lives and they think that they can no longer go on with their lives because they have been rejected, whether it is from their friends, family, or a love interest. They feel helpless and worthless. They feel that life and the world would be better off without them in it. This is often why they turn to suicide. In addition, the suicide rate is so high in people that have a fear of rejection, people do not know how big the statistics are.

Mental Illness and Rejection

Lonely lady sitting alone in the living room

Having the fear of rejection can also lead to mental illness. Most commonly, it can lead to depression and anxiety. Sadness and loss of hope can take over. Having panic attacks and anxiety can cause them not to want to leave their home for fear of feeling rejected. The mental illness takes over their entire lives. It engulfs their entire being, making them feel that their fear of feeling rejected is their entire life. It takes over their sense of being to the point when they do not know how to deal with rejection at all.


While many of us have a fear of rejection, it does not have to take over our entire lives. We can be happy and deal with it in a typical fashion. We do not have to let it engulf us and represent who we really are. We can move forward with our lives and ourselves. We can feel whole without feeling like we have to please others. We can overcome our fear of rejection with the help of others, therapy, and even medication. Do not let the fear of rejection ruin your entire life!

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Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca is an author, entrepreneur and most of all a wife and mother of 2. What she enjoys the most is helping normal people reach their full potential. Rebecca uses her ever growing skills in writing to inspire people and not settle for a normal life. As an entrepreneur, she has no shortage of failures and that is why Rebecca is the ideal person to talk about this.

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