How To Not Care What People Think About You

Not Caring What People Think

It seems like everyone gives us the advice not to care so much about what other people think. However, that’s easier said than done. Unfortunately, there are times that we can’t help but let how someone else feels or what they think affects us. Some people walk around with a high level of confidence, and you can tell that they don’t care what everyone else thinks about them. Many of us want to learn this skill.

When you walk with that same confidence, other people immediately respect you more. When you stop caring about what others think, you also get to live more freely. As mentioned before, it can be challenging to get to that point. It can be done, though. Here are some tips and tricks on how to not care what people think about you. 

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

1. Get Over Yourself

Being insecure doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not narcissistic or self-involved. Most people who worry what people think assume that people are thinking about them a lot more than they actually do. The truth of the matter is that people probably aren’t putting too much thought into the things you do, say, and wear. Most people may have a fleeting thought than move on to the next thing that captures their attention.

If you want to let go of what people might be thinking about you, come to the understanding that people probably aren’t thinking about you much at all. You should give them the same amount of effort and just forget about the whole thing. This is especially true for people who are strangers or mere acquaintances. The people who think about you most will be your family and best friends. If these are the people you are worried about, you may need to try some other methods of letting go. 

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Friends talking

Some people are here to help and support you. They will give you positive reinforcement when you do the right things. They will also tell you with love when you’ve made a mistake. You won’t worry too much about what they think when they are such open, positive influences in your life. You will be able to tell them anything without fear.

The first place to look for these positive influences is with your immediate family. You can also look to close friends. If you lack friends and support at the moment, you should look for people in support groups, exercise classes, work, and other places. When getting to know people, be careful not to make yourself too vulnerable at first. You want to ensure that you give it time for trust to develop. 

Some people are here to help and support you

Alternatively, you should make a point to eliminate or significantly reduce the negative and toxic people in your life. Toxic people are the people who intimidate, guilt trip, refuse to hear the word “no,” and otherwise emotionally exhaust you. These relationships will hurt you more than they encourage and support you. It can be difficult to shut down these relationships when they are in your family. However, do your best to avoid negative encounters while maintaining peace. Be the bigger person, even when you are hurt, until you finally learn how to genuinely stop caring about what they think. 

3. Take Time For Yourself

Woman having some alone time in the morning

A lot of people who care about what others think too much have a codependency problem. They may get their self-confidence from the affirmation of others. Instead of liking yourself because of what other people think, it’s time to spend some time thinking with yourself. During this time, you really want to learn about who you are. This time of self-reflection can help clarify some things about your identity and your personality. It may also make your goals clear.

After you get to know yourself, you need to like yourself and who you are. You can’t love yourself until you truly know who you are. Take time to appreciate you as a human being. When you like yourself, you will be able to stand up to other people. When you do come across negativity, you will be able to dig into your confidence to let the negativity go since you know what a fantastic person you are.

4. Focus On Personal Growth

Give yourself more confidence by focusing on your own story. You will feel good about yourself if you are continually striving to be a better person in your career, your relationships, and your personality. Focus on items that you want to improve on. Remember that these are not bad parts of yourself, but they are opportunities for improvement. No one is perfect. However, it is every person’s responsibility to try to be the most perfect version of themselves possible.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, there are things you can do to make yourself better. Things you can do include learning new skills, working hard at work, spending more time with your family, and stopping bad habits. You can also take exercise classes or classes at the local college. Every day, try to push yourself to do one thing that will help make you a better person. If someone comes at you, you can walk away knowing that you are growing as a person every day. They don’t know that about you. 

5. Travel

Packing for travel

There are a lot of ways to think and a lot of ways to live. When you see how big the world is, it makes it easy for you not to care about what others think. Just because that person doesn’t like you or your choices, that doesn’t mean that they are right. It also doesn’t mean they are wrong, either. There are a lot of ways to think, and you should be comfortable letting different opinions coexist. 

To help you broaden your horizons, go out, and travel. You will see that people in different countries dress differently, prioritize different things in life, and consider different things cool or pretty. While you travel, you may also find that people in the same location can disagree strongly on the same things. While the world is very different in some ways, in the end, things are more similar than you would think. 

While the world is very different in some ways, in the end, things are more similar than you would think

6. You Should Feel Bad For Negative People

Instead of feeling sad and insecure when a negative person says something mean or rude to you, you should think about where that hatred is coming from. A lot of times, the people who talk the most smack are the ones who need the support. They probably have a lot of anger or insecurity in themselves to deal with. You shouldn’t let the words or actions of a damaged person. Instead, you should pray for them. Hopefully, they will feel happy one day.

You shouldn’t wish anger or hate on them. That means there’s no reason to cry or retaliate and scream at them. You also shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. You should reach out to see if you can help them in any way. If they are receptive, you may even be able to make a new friend. If they are not receptive, you can feel at peace with yourself that you tried. If they continue being negative, wish them the best and stay away from them whenever possible. If they change in the future, you should accept them into your life with caution. 

7. Understand You Can’t Be Perfect

Woman accepting what she can't change

Too many people want to be perfect. However, there is no such thing as being perfect. If you are constantly pressuring yourself to unattainability, you are going to be very hard on yourself. Soon, you will assume that everyone is talking poorly about you due to your own perceived failures. If you want to stop worrying about what others think, you need to be kinder on yourself. You should understand that it’s okay not to be entirely perfect all of the time. It’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone in the world makes mistakes, and people probably aren’t judging you as harshly as you are yourself. Forgive yourself for mistakes and look forward. There’s nothing you can do about what’s already done anyway. 

8. Understand Life is Short

We tend to live our lives caring what other people think of it. When you are worried about what other people think, you might not do something you want to do in life. Whether it’s getting a tattoo, moving to another city, going for a career in music, or wearing something risky, you only have one life. Life is much shorter than you realize. Soon, you will lose the opportunities to take these risks. These risks are what make life worth living, and you shouldn’t hesitate.

You should do what you want and have experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s important to remember that you may suffer negative consequences from some of your risks. You might make a fool of yourself or even get in trouble. Weigh the risk of the risk with the weight of the reward to help make decisions on what you want to do in life. You don’t want to take absolutely every risk. You may end up making a mistake that can hold you back and make you worry even more. 

Life is much shorter than you realize

9. Realize Not Everyone Has to Like You

Do you like everyone you come in contact with? Probably not. Does that make you a bad person? No. You have to reverse the situation for other people. They are not required to like you. They are allowed to have a bad opinion of you. People’s opinions doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad people. That just means that the two of you don’t click. You should be able to interact with that person naturally since you don’t care if they don’t like you.

Maintain a positive attitude and be civil. You need to stand up for yourself, though and have clear boundaries. Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t give them the right to be rude, mean, or downright abusive to you. If that happens, you should make it clear that you will not tolerate it. You can then remove yourself from the situation and minimize contact in the future. 

10. Stay Positive

This is my happy place sign

Some people tend to look at the glass as half empty. They look at the negative aspect of life, including social interactions. These people assume that the people they talk to do not like them. In most instances, this isn’t the case. In most instances, the person isn’t thinking anything negative about the situation. In most instances, they aren’t thinking much about it at all.

If you force yourself to think positively, you will assume the interaction went well, and the person likes you. This should be your default. However, it can be hard to force yourself to think positively. Start by reading positive affirmations every day. You should also read through a list of things you like about yourself. When this is how you start your day, you will hold on to that confidence for the rest of your day.

If you seem to lose confidence throughout the day, read some more positive aspirations. You should also look for uplifting stories and surround yourself with positive images and smells. You don’t need to go through life with a negative attitude if you don’t want to. When you’re positive, you won’t let the thoughts of anyone else weigh you down.  


You are a great person. You don’t need to worry about what anyone says or thinks about you. You should live life in the moment and do the things you want to do. You shouldn’t care in the least what strangers may think of you. Wear and do what you want. You will enjoy the freedom of not feeling restrained by the opinions of other people. Those who don’t like it can keep their opinion to themselves or leave you alone.

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