Kindle Unlimited Vs Audible: Which One Should You Choose?

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Before we start, let’s make sure one thing is understood. Amazon owns both Amazon Audible as well as Kindle, so no matter what choice is decided when looking at Kindle Unlimited vs Audible, Amazon is the real winner. 

Now that we have that taken care of let’s get started with looking at Kindle Unlimited and Audible.

The days where a large, heavy book needs to be carried from coffee shop to coffee shop, or from class to class, are long gone. We can say a little cheer for that, right?

We have found ourselves now entering some wonderful times for audiobooks and ebooks. Yay Audible and Kindle Unlimited. The question is, though, how do you decide between the two? Well, we will get to that. 

Kindle Unlimited vs Audible

We are going to look at both Kindle Unlimited as well as Amazon Audible and compare both of these, looking only at the points that matter the most so that you can understand the differences between Audible and Kindle Unlimited. 

Keep in mind that the Kindle Fire device is different from Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited Vs Audible: In Short

Kindle Unlimited is a reading app and subscription by Amazon for books where you get to read up to 10 books at one time. It’s a great choice for ebook lovers and readers. Audible is an audiobook subscription service where you get audiobooks at fixed prices and some at discounted prices or free.

As far as subscription services go, these two are pretty good.

A lot of people end up using both the Audible service as well as the Kindle Unlimited service, and they obtain a membership each month for both. I love Kindle Unlimited, as I find that I am unable to pay close enough attention to grasp what is being said while just listening to an audiobook. Still, a lot of people love audiobooks when they’re driving or doing things other than sitting down and physically reading a book. 

Let’s dive right in now and solve the debate of Kindle Unlimited vs Audible. 

What Is Amazon Audible?

Audible audiobook review

In case you don’t pay much attention to the newest and latest things, Audible, which we said earlier, is owned by Amazon, is one of the largest and most popular audiobooks sellers. They also have radio programs, newspapers and magazines as a bonus.

You can check out our full review on Audible here.

It was back in 2008 that Amazon purchased Audible for $300 million.

This was a smart move on Amazon’s part, as the audiobook industry is continuing to grow at a shocking 25% each year. A lot of this growth is thanks to Audible. 

What makes Audible so great is that you can access it across many different platforms: iOS, Kindle, Microsoft, Mac, Windows Phone, and Android. 

How exactly does Audible work?

1. Get any device that has internet access, whether it be a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or Kindle.

2. Sign up with the 30-day free trial, monthly or yearly subscription.

3. Use your laptop or desktop to access, or download the Audible app onto your phone.

4. Find the audiobook that you would like to listen to and go ahead and purchase it.

5. Enjoy using Audible. 

Before purchasing any book from Audible, make sure that you have an Amazon account and are signed into it.

You can use your credit cards, credits that you have for Audible , or a combination to purchase audiobook titles on Audible.

If using an iOS device, you can only purchase audiobooks directly through the Audible site on a desktop or your phone, they cannot be purchased through the Audible app. 

Once the purchase or purchases are complete, you can access the Audible app and search for those audiobook titles in your library or, if using iOS, under Cloud. Once the book is found within Audible, tap it with your finger, and the download will begin. Once it is complete, you are ready to start enjoying it.

What makes Audible more unique than others?

Audible has unique features that set it apart from all other competitors. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Book selection

Audible has one of the largest selections of over one million titles to choose from. It is incredibly rare to find a book somewhere else thats not also on Audible.

Offline access

As long as the book is downloaded, you can use Audible to listen to it whenever you want, wherever you want. No internet? No problem. The best part is that they are even ad-free.

Whispersync for voice

This feature of Audible allows you to move back and forth between listening to the audiobook versions and reading it directly with just tapping a button.

To be able to do this, both the audiobook versions and the ebook versions need to be owned.

Customizing the listening speed

Sometimes you just need to speed up the narration, or maybe even slow it down. 

Audible gives you the ability to do just that.

All you need to do is hit that “Narrator Speed” button, and you will automatically be given different narration speed variations.

The longer you use Audible, the more you will find that you can increase the speed of your narration for your everyday use.

Sleep Timer

If you enjoy falling asleep to sound, then you probably also know all too well the unfortunate circumstance that comes along with that – waking up to a completely dead phone. 

Audible provides users with a wonderful sleep time function, which gives the ability to determine what time you would like it to end the audiobook.

What membership plans are there for Audible?

Having an Audible membership subscription makes it so that you can purchase the audiobook, and in exchange, you receive a credit that is given out one time per month for one audiobook. In addition to this credit, a membership allows you to get 2 Audible Originals per month. So let’s look at the different options.

Audible Free Trial

This membership subscription gives users 30 full days to experience the features and everything there is to offer. The trial period also comes with one credit that can be used to purchase an audiobook regardless of the audiobook price as well as 2 Audible Originals.

Gold Monthly

This subscription plan includes one credit per month and 2 Audible Originals per month. More credits can be obtained when playing additional fees. With this membership, all audiobooks that are purchased are yours forever, and they can be listened to offline with no ads. You can store a total of 6 unused credits in your Audible account at one time.

Platinum Monthly

The Platinum membership plan gives you twice the credits that you get on the Gold Monthly plan but still get 2 Audible Originals a month. Paying extra fees can also result in more credits if desired. 

As long as the Platinum Monthly plan is active, you can have up to 12 Audible credits in your account at one time.

Gold Annual

This is a yearly membership that includes 12 credits, and you’re able to store and up to 18 unused credits as long as the Audible account is active and you still get 2 audible originals per month.

Platinum Annual

Just like the Gold Annual, this Audible plan is also a yearly membership plan. This plan includes 24 credits. If this plan is chosen, you can save the equivalent of two months’ worth of fees. 

Audible Escape Subscription

If you are someone who loves to binge-listen, and you also love romance audiobooks, Audible has created the best plan for you. With this plan, you get up to 10 romance titles, but they are borrowed and not yours to keep forever. You will not get the 2 Audible Originals a month on this plan.

When you are done with one, or all of them, you can return them and find something new within Audible. 

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited on the beach

Now that we have talked about Audible, let’s look at Kindle Unlimited.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s service for not only ebooks but the audiobook store, as well. They have over 2 million titles to choose from.

If you pay monthly, or yearly, you can read any Kindle Unlimited books or audiobooks for no additional cost and you can rent 10 at a time. The catch is that you don’t get to keep them. This means you get unlimited Kindle for a monthly subscription fee.

You can check out our full review on Kindle Unlimited here.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, Kindle Unlimited gives users a 30-day free trial period access that can be used to test out the program, read some ebooks and determine if it is something that you would enjoy. They also have a 3 month promo for cheap if you don’t take the 30 day trial period.

What devices can be used with Kindle Unlimited?

The Kindle devices are made to be an e-reader for reading books and support Kindle Unlimited. They are even some of the best e-readers in the world. They make it easy to access and read your Kindle titles while connecting straight to your Amazon account. They also can make it feel more as though you are sitting down with a hard-copy book.

You don’t need a Kindle Fire device to access the Kindle Unlimited subscription, though.

Kindle has a free app that can be downloaded onto any iOS devices, Android devices, PC, Windows 8, and even Cloud Reader – all of these devices support the app and Kindle Unlimited subscription.

What are the best things about Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Library

Many things make the Kindle Unlimited subscription service worth considering. Let’s look at a few.

You don’t need to buy new books every time you are ready for something different.

The one payment system is not only easy but makes it simple. You can find a new book within Kindle Unlimited when you are ready for one and start reading it instantly.

Many independent authors to choose from.

If you are someone who enjoys indie authors, Kindle Unlimited books may be perfect for you. Many authors are not just skipping right past traditional publishers and doing it themselves. Many of these titles are showing up on the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Additional audio versions.

Not all of the titles will have this feature, but Kindle Unlimited also has more than 2 million different titles and you have access to the audiobook that goes along with the subscription services.

Kindle Unlimited even provides the option to filter the ones that specifically have this option, if it is of importance to you.

Your titles can be accessed from anywhere.

As long as you have a connection to wifi, your Kindle Unlimited library is accessible.

Kindle Unlimited compared to Audible

How are they similar?

Both Kindle Unlimited and Audible have audiobooks that can be streamed, and they are both able to be placed onto a monthly subscription.

Both of these have affordable plans, especially for those who love to read a lot of content and they both have reputable fiction and non-fiction books by big publishing houses.

What are the differences?

Simply put, Kindle Unlimited is more geared towards reading and is great for those who are avid readers. You get access to 10 titles at a time.

Audible is for audiobooks, which can also be purchased and downloaded as yours for the keeping. Kindle Unlimited do have books in audio format called audible narration, but they are very limited.

Which is best for the content?

If you prefer to read ebooks rather than listen to audiobooks, Kindle Unlimited is a great option. Since there are over 6 million titles for you to read, you will never run out of titles. That is one of the best things about the Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

Because of the large selection, the quality of the ebooks also tends to vary greatly.

If you prefer just to stream audiobooks and listen to audiobooks, Audible would be the best fit. With a subscription to Audible, you get access to almost any audiobook. 

In Summary

If you don’t want to read the entire article…

Here is a quick summary. Our Kindle Unlimited vs Audible review can become overwhelming pretty quickly as they differ significantly. If you are more into audiobooks, then Audible is the clear way to go. If you prefer to sit down with a blanket, a cup of coffee and a book in hand, Kindle Unlimited may be better suited for you. 

While they differ significantly in that one is for listening, and one is for reading, you still can access audiobooks with some titles in Kindle Unlimited. So if you want the option of being able to both read and listen to an audiobook, Kindle Unlimited may be a better solution for you. Remembering the Audible Originals that come with the month to month membership is also something that can be helpful when deciding to go with Kindle Unlimited or Audible. 

If Amazon Audible is your preference, but you are stuck on which plan to choose from, something I always do is start with the smallest subscription plan and move my way up if I find that I need or want more. That way, you aren’t spending more money on something that you end up not using. Starting with a plan that is charged month to month will give you more flexibility. If you find that you want more credits or more audiobooks that can be stored on your account at one time, then you have the option to upgrade to the next month to month subscription plan, and eventually, an annual plan if you find you are using and would benefit from that. 

If you still don’t know which option is the best one for you when comparing Kindle Unlimited and Audible, try out the 30-day free trial for both. The trial period is more than enough time to test both apps. This will give you a feel on if you would be more likely to use Audible or more likely to use Kindle Unlimited. No matter what choice you make, Audible or Kindle Unlimited, it won’t be the wrong choice as long as it is right for you.

Either way, you can try them both for 30 days and see which one you prefer!

Check out how Audible compares to another subscription service, Scribd here.

Try Them Both!
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  1. From reading I think I would like Audible for I like the option to do both read and listen, I like the fact that they have more to choose from, and more devices support it. I haven’t quiet decided yet, as this would be my 1st audio book ever, but definitely thinking about giving it a try! Kindle sounds great also, but for me, I think Audible may be winning, shrugs, IDK yet :/

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