MentorBox cost and review: What Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr don’t want you to know

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MentorBox has had a lot of complaints recently. Check out our comments section below to read some.

So what is MentorBox? MentorBox is a product that aims to educate people, using books as the base and extracting the key information by the authors themselves.

If you have yet to hear about it yet, chances are, you will soon. The owners run ads all over the place, especially on Facebook and Instagram which is where you probably heard about this. 

Mentorbox review

What Is MentorBox?

MentorBox is a subscription service that helps individuals attain knowledge from some of the most unique personal and professional development books out there, in a concise time. We’ve written this MentorBox review after some hype. The team speed reads books and list the important lessons from them.

How much time is a short time? About an hour to an hour and a half per book, or about 10 minutes a day. MentorBox intends to have you absorb the knowledge of these books and therefore assist in your personal and business growth.

It will give you some of the pros and cons we’ve found, so you can decide if this is the right product for you. Please note that this is an unbiased review with the pros and cons of the product in our opinion, but we do have affiliate links in the post. Overall, we feel that this product is worth a try if you can overlook the flaws.

We also got some emails from readers asking us about what we thought about it. I must say, this product is not for everyone, but if you can afford it, it may be a handy learning tool. We’ve had some mixed reviews, some good, most bad. When it comes to products like this, a few bad reviews do overshadow the good and rightfully so. Do read on and see what this product offers and what we think of it.

What’s in the MentorBox Box? Books?

Aside from being the name of the company, MentorBox is a box full of knowledge with books and learning materials in it. We all know how essential reading is and if you’ve been following us, we strongly recommend a reading habit.

Since the majority of us know the adage “knowledge is power,” we can safely say that some of that knowledge can come from books. However, many people either don’t have the time or desire to pick up heavy-topic books to learn the tips and tricks of the trade that the experts are freely offering, if only we read the book.

To get a hold of this knowledge, people could traditionally read books upon books upon books, which some of us are happy to do. But, some people aren’t too excited to read each word or don’t have time. This is where MentorBox comes in.

Because time and the willingness to read are such a factor for many people, MentorBox has designed a way to help individuals save time, while still having them absorb the primary, most impactful themes on the books. This cuts down the unwillingness to read to nearly nothing since patrons aren’t the ones doing the reading (unless they want to), but getting all the knowledge.

MentorBox has designed a way to help individuals save time, while still having them absorb the primary, most impactful themes on the books

How Can People Sign up?

To get ahold of the knowledge MentorBox has to offer, you can check it out online and get 3 days for free. After the free online trial, you have two options:

  • Sign up for a MentorBox Membership Online, which gives you access to the program online. ($7 a month)
  • A physical MentorBox Subscription, which sends you a box with quite a few goodies within, monthly.

OK, So…What’s in the Box?

Below, we give you the essence of what a physical MentorBox includes. Please know, there are differences between the online subscription and getting the physical box.

  • Two or Three books (this may depend on your membership)
  • Video Book Summaries on a USB flash card
  • Workbooks for each book
  • Cheat-sheets for each book
  • A study guide
  • A bookmark
  • A magnet

Inside mentorbox

The Gist

In essence, you never have to read the books if you don’t want to. Just watch the material, do the work on the workbooks, put in some time, and that’s it. You have the knowledge of the book.

How? Because experts have partnered exclusively with MentorBox. They know the books and have created a plan for you so that you don’t have to read (if you don’t want to) and still get the knowledge. Please note, you do still get the full books, in case you decide to read. It may be that the workbooks spike your appetite enough to want to read. You never know. But, once you sign up, voilà! Expect the knowledge to come flooding in, if you put in the time. How much time? Again, about an hour to an hour and a half per book.

You never have to read the books if you don’t want to. Just watch the material, do the work on the workbooks, put in some time, and that’s it

MentorBox Vs Audiobooks Vs Blinkist

There are many differences between these. Firstly, MentorBox is not an audiobook. You get a review of the books and what the mentors think about it. For audiobooks, it’s more of having a book read out in audio format. Both are great, and we would recommend you try both. Another interesting platform to look at is Blinkist. They mainly write summaries of books so we can save time and get more information in a shorter time. Check out our review on Blinkist here. There’s a significant difference in what you can learn from MentorBox, audiobooks, and Blinkist.

Amazon has a an audiobook app called Audible. Is Audible worth it? Check out our guide and review too.

In short, all 3 have their strengths and weaknesses. It would depend on your preference, but the good news is that they all have a free trial so if you’re looking for something good, it’s worth trying all.

Who Are the Mentors?

The mentors are a variety of authors and C-level executives who have partnered up with MentorBox and also teach the MentorBox courses online. Because we don’t have a physical MentorBox at hand, we’re unable to tell you if the videos included in the box feature some of these authors or C-level executives as well.

Is There a Free Trial?

By going to their site, you can click on the “Join Free For 3 Days” button. See if it’s for you and give it a go. After the free trial, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, so giving it a try is a relatively low risk. But beware that they will automatically charge you, but in our experience, it is relatively easy to get a refund.

MentorBox Pricing and Costs

MentorBox online costs $7 a month and $89 a month for the physical box. They changed their prices before, so the price mentioned is the price at the time we updated this post. We also want you to know that you won’t be able to gather the exact price on their website without entering your email address and name. If you’re willing to give MentorBox this little bit of information, then you’ll be able to see their current offer. As of this post update, they have a free 3 day trial, and it looks like their current online offer is $6.95 monthly, and there’s a yearly option of $59 as well. There’s also a physical offer for a box, which reports have coming in closer to $89 a month for the cheapest offer with more premium subscriptions available at a higher price.

Is This for Me?

That is a question only you can answer. If you’ve been thirsting for knowledge and have little time in your life to read, this may be a great option. Many CEOs, presidents, and other high-achieving public figures attest to the fact that they read a handful of books per week. However, many people don’t have time to do that, on top of working a full forty hours or more. The MentorBox lets you study up like a CEO while still maintaining your sanity and overburdening your work week.

For just a few minutes a day, you can get the most vital information from influential books around the globe. With people ravenous to learn more and more how to improve their lives, it seems like the Self-Help sections of our local bookstores seem to be some of the most populated as of late. This means, people are wanting more, but may not have time to add that many more books on the book list.

What If Having Time Isn’t an Issue?

If you’re the type of person who likes to take their time with a book to read every page and take it all in, then think about this system carefully. It may not be for you. Many avid readers even read with a pencil as to mark the crucial aspects of a book. They’re already taking notes and, in essence, already creating their own “study guides” simply by marking and going back to their “in-book” notes whenever they need to.

If you’re already an avid reader, we’d only recommend going with this system if you’d like to add some texture to the way you learn from what you’re reading. This would also be great if you want to add more books to your reading list. You can most definitely read the books since they come in the box.

However, if you’re the type of person who reads with a notebook to take notes and skims through the book, this system may be for you. With the study guides created, you won’t need a separate book to write in. You’ll get the kinesthetic aspect of this program without marking your book. And, with the cheat sheets, you get the gist of the book. Additionally, the visual element that is a perk with the videos included in the MentorBox can only add to this concept. MentorBox has their visual learners in mind for information retention, which is again, a plus.

Time Commitment

If you find yourself with only a few minutes a day to read, this may then be for you. And if you’re already watching at least an hour of TV a day (and we don’t just mean television—watching videos on your technology counts), and you’re willing to share some of that time with a book, then you can do this. If you don’t want to read a whole book, but want to give your brain a dose of knowledge, this would be easy with this system. Instead of spending hours reading a book, you can get the main points of one book in about an hour to an hour and a half. You do have to do the work! Worksheets and study guides play a role in the success of this concept.

What Does The Product Claim They Can Do for Me?

One of the boldest assertions we found is that the MentorBox is designed, in the little time you spend monthly with this system, to have you learn the main aspects of the book, absorb them and use them in your life. That’s a bold claim.

MentorBox Books on a table

Can a Person Select the Books to Get in the Monthly Subscription?

You don’t get to choose the books. The books included in the box are selected at the discretion of MentorBox based on their system of selection and relevance. The books chosen do touch in different areas of personal and business development.

Can People Use the Membership on Their Phone?

Yep! Phone, tablet, desktop, laptop are all devices capable of receiving this package. This means that you can even take in the MentorBox overviews of each book while commuting, for just a few minutes on a lunch break, while making dinner, or doing other chores.

What Are People Saying About The Product?

MentorBox reviews are both positive and negative. Here are some pros and cons that we’ve found:


  • Allows people to “read” a couple of books in a month
  • Allows people to check out books they wouldn’t have otherwise picked up themselves
  • The mentorship aspect comes from field experts, which isn’t cheap if you were to hire them in person
  • The books MentorBox chooses are often books on people’s reading lists
  • With the online membership, you can take your MentorBox anywhere
  • The supplementary materials allow you to remember essential items in the books
  • Having the books and getting insight on them may give people the desire to read the whole book before the next MentorBox arrives
  • Gets people back into reading, one step at a time


  • The price can add up
  • Getting the book may be more worth it
  • Refunding process reported to be slow (but it gets done)
  • Upsells are expensive
  • Sales page is a bit too salesy and promises too much
  • Lots of complaints online (Check our comments section)
  • They tend to charge your card without asking
  • Support is a mess. I got redirected to other departments that were not helpful (but they do try to help although inefficiently)


According to the guarantee of MentorBox, you can get a full refund, if you return everything relatively unharmed within 30 days. Some online retailers are excellent at communicating and refunding your money right away, and some take a few more days. We did find reviews where the refund process took a lot longer than desired. We also found that the customer support at MentorBox takes a few days to respond, but they were responsible about addressing these issues when finally contacted. We found that if you have any problems or concerns with your MentorBox or wish to return the box, you can contact [email protected]


Support is responsive. They try to get things sorted out but depending on the problem, they tend to pass the problem around, albeit to the right department. The reason being, they seem to be a huge company with different departments and support is just one department. This means that they have to check with whichever department is in charge and that particular department will most likely respond slow.

Watch Out For This. Important!

If you’re planning to click through and try it out, here are a few things that you need to look out for. First of all, they seem to want to sell so badly. After purchasing the cheapest package, they have upsells for $199 and others even higher. That’s not a problem. The problem is that they don’t show us the price and charge us automatically. I’ve heard of many unsatisfied customers because they were wrongly charged, so don’t make this mistake and ruin your experience. The button is a big green button that looks like this:

MentorBox enrole button

Another word of caution:

Here’s a comment from one of their former staff. This is the full comment and you can see the original version in the comments section (at the bottom of this post):

As someone that used to work for MentorBox I advise everyone to RUN away as fast as possible.

If your card was charged without your permission, please report them to the Payment Card Industry (PCI)

As far as physical book delays, it is most likely because they spent all of their money running ads and don’t have enough to purchase books for members. the wait could be a few months since management is incompetent and has no clue what it takes to run a business properly.

The working environment is also toxic and for people trying to help others run businesses they have no clue how to engage with their employees or customers.

Alex is a huge chicken that fires people from afar and can’t even man up face to face. Tai is running a huge scam with the company. Just look at how many dumb businesses they opened and closed. SMS, Boost and the stupid t-shirt business. Report them for non PCI compliance and protect yourselves.


The website is, and you can check it out for yourself. It’s clean, it has an introductory video, and you can get the 3-day trial offer and order. *Do note that there are a few complaints of people taking the free trial and being charged. (See the bottom of the page for comments from users)

What we didn’t necessarily like about the website is the ticker on the bottom left informing of someone who’s just joined MentorBox within the last few hours. When you look at it closely, names do start repeating, so this is apparently a marketing tactic. What it did for us, however, was cause a little bit of what our culture is calling FOMO (fear of missing out). This created a certain tension, and it’s easy to see how impulse buying for fear of missing out would create pressure on a buyer.

Our advice about this ticker? Make the right choice for you. Don’t just follow FOMO. We hope this MentorBox review is giving you some useful insights not only on the product but the operation as well. We’ve also seen ads on the product that says it is for a limited time, but they never stopped offering it.

Who Created This Concept?  

This system helps you retain the absolute most important information you’d need from books that offer these topics

Alex Mehr founded MentorBox and it is supported in part by Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez is a successful investor and entrepreneur, and Alex Mehr is the co-founder and likewise a successful entrepreneur and businessman. When these two minds came together, MentorBox came about. It concentrates traditional learning for topics such as leadership, money, business and more to a non-traditional system. As stated before, this system helps you retain the absolute most important information you’d need from books that offer these topics.

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, founders of MentorBox

Tai Lopez Reading List

You can find multiple videos of Tai Lopez on YouTube, including a TEDx talk. Tai Lopez is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and founder of MentorBox, and he has gained recognition nationally for his videos and ideas. Tai Lopez is an avid reader, having read thousands of books in many fields, including personal development. The Tai Lopez book club and popular podcasts also attract people to learn the secrets he freely shares on personal development.

Because we’re all about self-development and its secrets, we wondered what could be in Tai Lopez’ reading list, or if he had a Tai Lopez Book Club. It turns out; we found a few books of interest for our self-development secrets website from the Tai Lopez’s Reading List. Many of these books focus on self-development, from developmental psychology to recent research in the neurosciences, historical accounts of the human body, and more. Although many of the books focus on personal and professional development, the Tai Lopez Reading List also has the breadth to give you a well-rounded repertoire of books from the hard sciences, psychology, the humanities, and more.

For personal development, this very impressive list of book and authors touches on many aspects of motivation, inspiration and taking action. Tai Lopez book clubs, or rather, Tai Lopez inspired book clubs could easily be formed by checking out the books above and going down the list. It’s inspiring and reassuring to know that Tai Lopez’ Reading List compiles materials that he himself has read. We can finally tap into what this successful entrepreneur is reading and learn from it.

Tai does read a book a day. But to summarise how he does it, Tai reviews the book and reads the important parts. He says that this is the best way to learn. Rather than reading all the filler content that is not important, it’s better to read the lessons of the book and get more by learning more lessons. In theory, 365 lessons a year is better than reading 20-50 books a year.

It’s no wonder he started MentorBox. With such a voracious appetite to read, he seems to want to share his success not only through MentorBox but through his videos (check out his impressive number of shares) and his speeches.

Who Are We?

We are Self Development Secrets, and we are passionate about self-development and self-growth. We know the field of personal growth is expanding and we want to share our lessons and secrets with you. Visit our website to learn more and join our community. When you view our site, you’ll be able to find out a little more about the brains behind our operation and why we offer reviews that might be pertinent to you. You will also find inspirational quotes that somehow always seem to fit perfectly into what you need that day.

When we heard about MentorBox, we wanted to give you our take. We don’t aim to either persuade your or dissuade you from becoming a member. We simply want to provide you with the information you need, which is why we like to post reviews on our website. A good, honest and unbiased review showing the positives and negatives of a product helps everyone make a good choice, especially when it comes to self-improvement.

Take MentorBox’s Free Trial Here

Our Verdict

This is definitely a decent product but because of all the complaints and the team not willing to take the time to fix the issues, MentorBox is something I will not recommend you get unless you’re willing to pay the high upsell prices to use the product. It is definitely worth it for those who can afford it but it’s not cheap to be suddenly charged a few hundred for something you thought will cost a few dollars a month. Hope the review is helpful to you in some way and you can make a decision on the product now!

Do leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts on this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MentorBox worth it?
Overall, no. It is a good concept but they have too many problems.

How much does MentorBox cost?
It costs $7/month for the online version and $89/month for the physical box. They have many plans and this is the most basic one.

What are the best alternatives to MentorBox?
There are a few good ones. You can check out Blinkist or Audible just to name a few.

What is MentorBox?
Mentorbox is a learning subscription where the author teaches you about the book they wrote.

How do I get a refund?
You can request a refund but it is tough to get a hold of support. MentorBox has one of the worst support team.

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  1. One of, if not the worst company in all business, scammers at the highest degree, do not get anything from this place, cant get a hold of customer service even if you wanted to, had to switch my account because if not they would of charged 1000s

  2. Christine Edwards

    I signed up for Mentorbox, became ill shortly after, never set up a password or read one article/book, etc. I tried over and over to email, call, use the site contact info to contact them to cancel. No communication whatsoever. Over $2000 has been rung up on my c/c without me being able to cancel nor benefit at all. I am pissed off and my credit is now ruined. A financial company contacted them on my behalf and Mentorbox thought that company email was mine??? What a horribly inefficient site and company they are. When this financial company finally received an email from Mentorbox, they refunded me $69!!!!! That was it!! As far as I am concerned Mentorbox and it’s owners are scammers and should be shunned by the business community. I am ill and now have this huge bill to pay off and restore my credit. Boycott them entirely, don’t ever sign up.

  3. Based on reads here, those folks either haven’t “read” about how to run basic business needs from their so-called informative books. Or the books they’re selling are just complete crap.

    So doesn’t make sense … I would have expected a more professional overall experience, but this looks horrific.

  4. I can only agree on the above mentioned statements. I requested a corrected invoice and didn’t get any answer to solve the poblem. They want to teach entrepreneurship, but are not able to fullfill basic customer needs! Keep your hands off

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