Negative Personality Traits: What You Need To Know About It

Some people are hard to like. Negative traits make many people run from negative behaviour both in personal and professional endeavours. Some of these personality traits might actually be beneficial, while others are just bad character traits. We’ll take a look at some of the effects of a negative personality.

Negative traits make many people run from negative behaviour both in personal and professional endeavours

Bad Personality Traits Defined

While character and personality traits often go hand-in-hand, they aren’t the same thing. Personality is visible to others on the exterior at all times, while character is something that is usually revealed over time. People are often judged by their personality at first glance. We see them as happy, sad, confident, energetic, etc. Character is something that takes longer to figure out. Character traits are things like honesty and virtue. Personality usually is slow to evolve. Character evolves over time as well, but it is often shaped by beliefs instead of genetics. With effort, you can change your perspective in life. Something like shyness can actually evolve as one tests their personality skills. Even though one is born with certain personality traits, they can work to change those over time as well. It isn’t hard, but bad traits can even be changed to positive. Characteristics grow and change along the way as well. It’s up to each person to work on themselves in both personality and character.

Woman showing anger

Some Negative Traits Explained

Some people use negative character traits as a shield. Sometimes they are just keeping others at a distance. Other times their personality is something they are born with. Some of these personal traits are tough to overcome. It’s sometimes even hard to find them when looking in the mirror. The problem is that most people don’t react well to chronic negative characteristics in others.

Chronic Sarcasm

A bit of sarcasm is often welcome as funny, that is until it becomes too much. Sometimes chronic sarcasm creates a bad environment. Putting others down with sarcasm starts to grate on them. Constant sarcastic comments begin to make people seem angry and bitter. It’s best to treat others with respect and dignity. It can be fun to joke with them at times, but make sure you aren’t going overboard with sarcastic comments.

Not Able To Flex

Two people having a meeting

You need to be mentally flexible to be likable in today’s society. It’s essential to be able to adapt to changes around you. If you cannot be flexible in your professional decisions, many times, it even affects the business as a whole. It’s important to have the ability to schedule and plan, yet also be able to switch concerns and goals. As you work with those both in your personal and professional life, it’s best to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Debbie Downer

No one enjoys someone that is always in a bad mood. The “Debbie Downer” of the group is the one that is always bringing bad news even amid happy news. They’re always worrying about the worst and making it known. This person often gets angry quickly. They’re also moody most of the time, so you never know if they’re going to be happy or upset to see you. This pessimistic person has to work to understand things aren’t always bad. There will be bad days, but there will also be good days. You can work hard if you’re this person to see the silver lining in the clouds instead of the dark clouds in the bright sky.

The “Debbie Downer” of the group is the one that is always bringing bad news even amid happy news


Patience is truly a virtue. Timing is so important in both personal and professional decisions. It’s important to know when it’s best to stand back and let others do their thing, and when it’s best to step in and get everyone to look at you. People don’t like it when someone jumps to conclusions at all times. They need to see the bigger picture in life. Impatience leads to making hasty decisions often. 

Control Freak

A control freak

Most people know the control freak in their family or group of friends. They’re the ones that have to have every single thing planned, and everyone must follow that plan. If something is out of the plan, it’s not happening. This stresses those around them. If everything goes along as planned all of the time, there is no room for movement. Again, people like flexibility in others. A control freak cannot make fast decisions. They get overwhelmed with being too perfect. If you’re this way, it’s time to embrace change. Instead of trying to control everyone and everything, try to relax a little bit. Life will seem so much easier.

Big Ego

Having a big ego is both good and bad. It drives people crazy, but it’s also seen as a sign of confidence. The problem is when you push it too far. This turns into arrogance. Arrogant people have so much confidence they look down upon others at times. They think they’re better than everyone around them. It’s a great thing to have confidence in yourself. You have to stop as soon as you start being a mean person.

Arrogant people have so much confidence they look down upon others at times

Too Sensitive

It’s a delicate balance in life to know when to get upset and when to chill out. Some people are just too sensitive. This means they get upset over little things quickly. You say they’ve lost weight, they ask why you thought they were fat before. They think every little thing is about them. Being sensitive means you have a lack of confidence. Work to find the good in yourself. Be proud.


A negative personality impacts those around you. It’s tough to be around someone that is always negative. It’s crucial to find the good in a tough personality and work to maintain those “good” traits. You don’t always have to be likeable, but you should be tolerated. People are always a work in progress, so it’s important always to keep working towards being the best people.

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Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca Temsen

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