How to reinvent yourself: Steps To Invent A Better You

Whoops, that one looks like it hurts! We all fall sometimes. You won’t live life without having a few mishaps of your own. The secret to turning the falls into your highest ascensions is to understand what they’re all about. Sure, we can learn from them; we can even improve to achieve our personal goals then finally. There is another thing we have to cover in the process.

Reaching your most important goals in life won’t change how this universe works.

Reinventing Yourself

Success is a stepping stone to many things, but it doesn’t eliminate “the fall.” When you feel like you’re losing track of goals, getting turned around, being forced to re-prioritize or even feeling defeated, these are things you don’t experience alone. We all have to experience them. What’s interesting about how reinvention works is that you continue to pursue regardless of the failure.

“This mishap” is engrained in who we are. Reinvention may mean acceptance because you still won’t be able to predict the future. The power that we’re sharing with you is unseen. It allows us to succeed regardless of our greatest failures and fly regardless of the depths we may be falling in. The success of reinvention is ongoing.

Take it with you for the rest of your life, and use this post to show you how to do it.

Purpose: Find Something With Meaning

We all need something as a target in our lives. The mind is like a continually moving energy form that gets misdirected if it’s left to roam simply. Discovery and adventure are great for our personal development, but science shows how much we’re endowed with something as long as we take ownership of it.

Work to establish a real purpose that you can have a passion for.

Set GoalsPerson writing list of goals, close-up of hand

Setting goals trigger the endowment effect to come into play. When giving a coffee mug, during a controlled test by scientists, participants wouldn’t trade it even for a piece of chocolate. These same candidates then started with the chocolate in exchange for the coffee mug and still refused to make a trade.

Ownership says a lot about the commitments we make and how far we’re willing to go, even if you don’t feel like it at a certain moment. Setting goals are about taking ownership of the direction you want your life to go in, and be sure to review them every day.

Write It All Down

Get those goals down on paper. This isn’t about starting a journal. It’s about accountability. We quickly forget the things that mean a great deal to us even if we made our commitments just yesterday. Having it written down allows us to face our goals daily when we wake up and before we rest for sleep.

Why Is This Important To You?

Here’s when you ask yourself about the why.

Why is this reinvention vital to you? You won’t be useful if you relate the answer to a negative inspiration. Consider answering your why by stating the outcome of achieving your goal. You never want to run from something or feel like theres pressure from the cynical nature of the thing you want to eliminate.

It’s best to find the motivation of your ‘why’ in the results you desire.

Reposition Yourself Where Success Is The Only Option

Boy climbing on a ladder to successDo you recall that mistakes and falls are likely to happen?

There’s no need to bring the world down on you when you fail because we all fail. You might need to reinvent yourself because you haven’t learned how to deal with and live with those falls. You should keep reading if you tend to run away or collapse when the sudden, unexpected occurs.

An effective way to stay on track is to put yourself in a position where success is your only option. We find entrepreneurs often doing this. It’s up to you decide on the commitments you can make. Many successful professionals had first to leave their jobs just to put success as the only option they have if they want to eat and live.

This is what a real commitment can look like.

How Bad Do You Want It?

Transformation and reinvention require the same pressures and struggles that our past successes needed. We want you to change in every way you see possible, but we don’t want you delusional about how this works. True reinvention is to define who you’ll be during life’s future challenges.

Maybe the person in the past didn’t do well, and here’s your opportunity to build an identity that’s welcoming, that you’re proud of and that you can be happy with when everything goes wrong. It’s difficult to accept that this transformation won’t eliminate the things that challenge us. How bad do you want to reinvent yourself?

Understanding What Failure Really Is

Don’t be surprised if you find egotism when setting a goal and then following through on it. That part of us might be necessary. This is also why we take failures more severe than they are. We just can’t take the hit to our egos. It’s essential that whom you want to be, is what feels real to yourself.

Failure is going to happen because we reach for things greater than ourselves. We could likely avoid failing if we only pursued the stuff we knew, and this would still result in mistakes eventually being made. Our human state lacks the ability to foresee or dictate every outcome in our lives.

You have to understand that we fail because we are in process; we are achieving something. You can reach your goal only once you meet it’s “requirements.” Relate this back to our limitation as humans, and you’ll see that failure teaches you what needs to be done to achieve the goal.

Self Condemnation Is A Loser’s GameMan frustrated with his hands on his face

Redefining your life and identity means getting over “the loser’s game.”

The losses we incur in life aren’t condemnations on our character. They are instead measurements that we’ve made that were slightly off and missed the mark. We have tomorrow to aim for that mark again. Tomorrow might not be enough, but you’d inevitably learn the skill if you kept pursuing it.

This goes back to understanding the nature of failure.

Failure doesn’t define you but instead gives you an opportunity to prove your mistakes wrong. Patience is crucial as you wait to see the transformation you pursue and why your life must be diverse. You can’t put all of your eggs into one basket in the same manner that you can’t let all of your hopes go away with one big failure.

The things you decide on today is what will shape your future and how you handle the unexpected. Take responsibility for your actions, but respect the limitations of your intent.

In Redefining Yourself, You Cannot Let Others Do It For You

Woman looking at herself in a mirror

You’ll need ongoing help to confirm your ideas and self-image. You don’t, however, have a need for any single person to define whom you will or should become. Making these decisions today is about fulfilment. It works against you to reinvent yourself only because you failed.

You need to reinvent yourself so that your new person reaches the goals you have.

Only you can define who that person is and what their values are. Only you can be satisfied with the outcome in the end, and only you can reach the goal authentically. Life is about our experiences, and just being alive and breathing is an incredible thing. You will not find satisfaction if you can’t accept these simplicities in your self.

Believe In The Power Of Transformation

Talking about your transformation is easy. It’s easier to get lost in the emotional expectation. Having failure can put you on an emotional ride. This ride may find comfort in the ideas of change and transformation, and will take time, but what happens when you then begin to live on those ideas?

Your belief will be tested

You can’t see the powers we’re describing, and you have to apply them with the belief in your mind that they’ll result in something desirable. Ask yourself how much you believe these things right now. You will not achieve a transformation if you don’t think that your life can be transformed. The slightest opposition may derail you.

– Is Change Possible?

You’re not the only one to disbelieve the possibility in changing yourself. Welcome to the club. Some of our habits cloud our thinking and suggest that you can’t possibly change who you are or what you’ve become. The real question is about how bad you want it. Change is the biggest challenge we face because we don’t predict the future.

You’re part of the club if you’ve ever had these questions run through your mind:

– Can I do this? – “Of course you can” should always be the answer.

– Will this only bring me more suffering? – This thought comes because you subconsciously know that challenges will still be waiting. You can also endure those challenges thanks to human evolution that has remained the same for 500,000 years or more.

– Will I be happy with whom I become? – Having consciously created your plans will at least bring you closer to your objectives, and you will have the rewards and comfort of being nearer.

– Can I put my current life behind me? – You built the life you have now in the same manner that you can create a bigger and better one.

You have to understand that it’s not about the power you have as an individual but instead the power of the brain you were born with. Tell it good things, and it believes good things. Tell it the opposite, and it will accept that. It won’t help if you rush these things. The mind is what enables you to change, and you have to mold it, not force it.

– Resilience

You can solve the questions of doubt you might have with resilience. The new you is worth planning for and being patient with. This future is worth the time you invest in it. You will still have to stand against opposition though what you pursue will bring the quality of life that you’ve deserved for so long.

Transformation only comes once you realize this: getting what you want and losing it will create the same obstacles that you must continue to live with. Becoming a better you is about reinvention, and it will happen by looking at life with a different eye. Expect to be stronger than you were before and to learn from your mistakes.

A Few Things To Remember Moving Forward

Passion led us hereLet’s start with knowing that change is possible. Something new will always come by. Look back on your life. You weren’t always who you are now and where you are now.

All situations can change, and you can reinvent yourself. It takes a little belief and some real determination. Being that you’ve gotten this far, it’s safe to say that you know what commitments are. Let’s now get you to commit in the right direction. The failures of life can force us to open our eyes and to see the truth for what it is.

Use these realizations as fuel. Your failures can be a driving force. They can lead you to a better you if you understand how. Wield the power of belief, and set your goals straight and true. Stand with resilience. In time, it will all come together.

Begin looking in the mirror, and identify what you see with potential and a plan.

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Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca is an author, entrepreneur and most of all a wife and mother of 2. What she enjoys the most is helping normal people reach their full potential. Rebecca uses her ever growing skills in writing to inspire people and not settle for a normal life. As an entrepreneur, she has no shortage of failures and that is why Rebecca is the ideal person to talk about this.

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