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One of the virtues that most people are lacking in today is gratitude. Pam Grout in Thank and Grow Rich teaches you how you change this in 30 days and see yourself connecting with the “magnanimous energy of the cosmos.” The title of the book is borrowed from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. 

The Universal energy is always out there and never disappears. It is upon you to tap into it by showing gratitude so you can see miracles start happening in your life. In Thank and Grow Rich Pam Grout shows you how you can do precisely that. This Thank and Grow Rich summary highlights what this three-part book is all about. 

Part 1: Let The Games Begin

Everything that is in the universe started out as a wave of energy or thought. The wave of energy you have goes out into the universe transmitting your beliefs and expectations. That signal that you send out to the universe goes emanating a particular vibration that attracts situations and experiences that match what you need. 

This is to say that if you are unhappy, it is because of the vibrations you are letting out. If you live on a frequency of gratitude and joy, then the universe sends happiness, answers, success and good things your way. 

However, most people are in a mode of static. Where there is static, there is an “energetic cloud that blocks the universal flow of good.”  Even then, the universe is still emitting the right kind of energy towards you. “The problem has never been reluctance on the part of the universe. The problem is our inability to see the beautiful, loving Truth it continually offers.”

From childhood, people have been conditioned into not seeing the blessings around them. It is this lack of vision of the blessings that make you not to be thankful, and then you become miserable at your own life. There is an inner voice inside of you which pretends to be you and controls your life. This voice tells you how you have failed, you are not the best, you are lacking. 

“It wasn’t until I began counting my blessings that the other frequency was able to make contact, the still, small one that whispered kind truths. I liked what it was saying. It suggested I start focusing on how deeply I am loved. How wonderful the world is. It suggested the most important thing I could do for myself was get happy. Quit judging myself.”

To connect with the right vibrations then you need to change your frequency. When you live in a frequency of joy and gratitude, then you change the world by changing those around you. “When we observe the world from a resonant field of gratitude—when we use our attention to spot beauty, to gaze at wonder—we emit a frequency of love, of magic, of miracles. This joy oscillation is the most powerful frequency on the planet and has the capability of radically uplifting the world.”

Part 2: Your Thank and Grow Rich Portfolio

In this part of the book, she introduces what your rich portfolio in her sense would be. To her getting rich is not about filling money in the bank. It is more about living a happy and fulfilled life. “Our incessant search for legal tender often separates us from the important things we already have—our families, our creativity, our gorgeous, life-sustaining planet—and the important things we really want—freedom, deeper connections, meaningful work.”

We exist in this universe to expand its glory, and therefore with the right connections to the universe, it can give you anything that you want. You are in this universe to live through life in joy and have fun while going through life. We have been made to believe that the universe is indifferent to us and that there are scarcity and lack. This is consumerism that has been taught to us so we can grow the economies. 

Most of the things that are commercialized today like health, entertainment, water, and food were given to us by the universe for free.  “The assumption of scarcity is one of the central axioms of economics. It’s regarded as objective truth. However, like most “objective truths,” it’s nothing but a projection. Like the people watching shadows in Plato’s cave, we must break free from our chains. Only then can we see clearly the world’s wild abundance.”

To become what she calls the Warren Buffet of happiness then you must realize that financial wealth will come as an effect of your real riches. 

Part 3: Game On

This part of the book is all about techniques and methods you can use to really change your frequency to the joy and gratitude frequency. Pam Grout presents what she calls her AA 2.0 with steps on how you can give gratitude and connect with the universe every day. Step one, first thing in the morning proclaim that something “amazingly awesome” is going to happen in your life. Step 2 is all about believing in miracles and blessings. 

What I Love About the Book

The book is very well written in a witty, hip and modern style that emanates joy and fun. I also really like that the book is highly actionable and practical. She gives techniques and methods you can use to change your frequency of vibrations and connect better with the universe. 

Why You Should Read the Book

This book will change your attitude towards life and how you have been viewing things. Many people are trying to do good things for the universe like helping the poor, planting trees and protecting the environment but when you emit negative energies to the universe, you do more harm than you can imagine. 

Changing the world for you will start by changing your thoughts. Start living at a frequency of jit and gratitude and everything will begin to change for you and others around you.

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