Destiny Tuning Technique: What is it and Steps To Implement

Destiny Tuning

Destiny tuning is an approach to tune and seemingly control our paths by manifesting something into our lives. It involves an inspiring science of success for people who are exceptionally dedicated and focused on manifesting their full potential and change their circumstances.

It is the art and approach of intentionally focusing one’s energy and dedication to convert a dream into a reality; to efficiently attain the things you want in life inevitably. This world that we have all been born in is the world that exposes us to both various challenges and opportunities in varying degrees.

In explaining the concept of tuning destinies, Heather Matthews, who is a world renowned life coach and an inspirational speaker, says that there exists a highly significant universal force that ties us to our destinies. Heather is also the creator of ‘Manifestation Miracle‘. We are all able to engage this connection at a mental level so that we may attain our demands. 

Heather adds that there is a science in how people should change their whole being to the energies. These energies align us with our goals at every point in our life. Luck and good wishes have nothing to do with it apart from a strong mental reconditioning. The approach of tuning one’s destiny takes it’s base on the law of attraction.

Heather Matthews introduces this to us. It is impossible to define what destiny tuning is without explaining what the law of attraction is.

Attaining our destinies usually involves getting over the barriers we manifest in our lives. Barriers regarding limitations, frustrations, uncertainties and weak willpower. To get to where we want, we must first engage our minds.

Destiny Tuning Techniques and LOA

The law of attraction is a spiritual philosophy that is as old as the universe. It exists in every matter that is in existence including human beings as well. An easy definition of the law of attraction explains that human beings are living irresistible attractions. Attractions that attract or repel people and circumstances that align with their vibrant energies. 

By focusing on positive ideas and plans that align with your personal goals, more positivity will be drawn into your life, while by focusing on negativity you are only bound to attract more negativity into your life.

If you look around the world, and you can’t see that it’s in pretty bad shape, then you need to take a few steps back and look inside yourself before looking back at the world. The world economy is struggling, and the unemployment rate keeps getting worse as jobs keep disappearing. People are fatter while others are dying of starvation. People are sicker and getting more depressed than ever due to the rising level of stress and fear.

According to Heather, most people fail because they do not subscribe to the law of attraction. The law of attraction helps us take on our biggest and strongest enemy. This enemy is usually the one that hurts us the most. This area of our life is often the one with the most negative emotion around it. We are not likely to win in life if we choose to ignore it. Most people are also very hazy about what they want in their lives. Without a definite goal, it becomes difficult to manifest anything at all. We need to be conscious of where we want to be in the next two hours, not just the next two years.

The law of attraction helps us become much more aware of how we are feeling. How we feel is what drives what we attract in our lives. It is important to start dealing with how we are feeling. Our general emotional life is not something that we should underestimate, as most people do. Our mental state is just as important as our emotional state and statements such as we think and so we become are not entirely right, and they end up misleading some people.

Read some of the best quotes on the law of attraction here.

How Do We Tune Our Destinies

Tuning our destinies is a challenge for us in many ways according to how different our lives are set up and how strong our mental will is. But the possibility that our lives can change at any one time should endorse a change in all of us. All the great things we want in life are waiting for us. Just give the approval and they will come to us. When we finally do combine our wishes and ambitions with the energies that rule over our destinies, life becomes much easier, merrier and a lot less frustrating. There are five destiny tuning steps that Heather recommends that people looking to tune their destinies can use to break free.

1. Reverse the BrainwashingAn illustration of a brain raining down negative thoughts

Yes, it’s possible to heal from the effects brainwashing. But first, you have to admit that brainwash has taken a hold of you. The problem with most is that people tell them a lie so many times that they have completely bought the lie and accepted it as the truth. The actual truth is that you have the power to change your life within you. There is nothing that is as powerful as the human mind, and we are what we feed our minds.

The media we pump into our brains control our thoughts and emotions has proven to be a competitor as most of it does not serve to make our lives better. The movies, television shows, games, music and all other sorts of imagery only serve to dumb us down and make us not harness the real power within us. We need to keep in touch with reality, educate ourselves, and most importantly keep our minds open and inquisitive.

2. Change Your Vibration to a Level of Adequacy

According to Heather, every one of us is emitting energetic vibrations at every single second of the day. All matter is energy, and all energy is in vibration. Everything we think, say or feel, becomes our reality and, therefore, we need to be aware of our thoughts. We also need to become more conscious of our environment and appreciate the beauty of it. It does not hurt the least bit to stop for a moment and stand in the sun, enjoy the view and take a deep breath.

Being grateful for our lives and everything and everyone in existence shifts our vibrations. It shifts us from focusing on what we don’t have to what is already sufficient in our lives. Another highly important aspect we should not ignore is our diet. Eating healthy wholesome foods and drinking plenty of water will help us have positive vibrations instead of food that gets covered in chemicals and pesticides.

3. Know What You Want

Keeping our mind focused on what we want more and worrying less about how or when we should get it is important. People have different dreams. The problem is we let our fears and insecurities take hold instead of the goal we want to realise. We also let people project their fears onto us. That is brainwashing happening again, and if you are not careful, you might find yourself back at step one.

Someone might want to quit their job and travel for a whole year. But they do not understand what is going to happen to their career. They will let people’s concerns about how they exactly expect to fund such an excursion. There is something special about having a particular objective in mind that gets the wheels in motion and is quite a miraculous feature. The human race has come a long way and the impossibilities of yesterday such as human flight and brain surgery have become the every day of today.

4. You Are in Control So Stop Acting like You Are NotWoman with a remote control

People often tell us that we have almost no control over what happens in our lives. This is actually more brainwashing. The truth is that we have total control over our lives, which is a reflection of the person that we have become. We need to take responsibility for our lives and stop blaming our background, our parents, bosses, and the society. Doing that is not going to change anything unless we change how we do things. We should learn to stop lying to ourselves by staying in tune with whatever is going on in our lives. Being truthful to ourselves will help us take charge of our lives and always keep learning ways on how we can improve our current situations. Life is meant to be a myriad of constant experiments and the more things you try, the more we become creative and the better our experiences in life.

5. Fine Tuning Your Destiny

The scientific process of tuning our destinies involves the constant reorganisation of our minds so that we can focus unlimited attention to the objectives that make up our destiny. The destiny tuning technique is a technique that entails us splitting our destinies into stages of progress so that they become measurable and attainable. The act of tuning our destiny saves us from the habit of holding on to the darkness of our daily routines that prevent us from achieving our ultimate goal. From the youngest points in our lives, we see people growing up and living their lives as most people do. That is because we have become brainwashed that that is the only way to live. We have to retune our destiny so that it becomes a reality; there is no doubt about that.

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Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca Temsen

Rebecca is an author, entrepreneur and most of all a wife and mother of 2. What she enjoys the most is helping normal people reach their full potential. Rebecca uses her ever growing skills in writing to inspire people and not settle for a normal life. As an entrepreneur, she has no shortage of failures and that is why Rebecca is the ideal person to talk about this.

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2 thoughts on “Destiny Tuning Technique: What is it and Steps To Implement”

  1. La Meaka Moses

    I have been trying to get myself out of this rut that i am in, and it feels like i just can’t climb out. I completely lost all of my income in june of this year and i am trying to figure out how to get some type of income coming in where i can support myself and my 3 daughters. I am a single mother of 3 girls and i feel so lost sometimes. i wrote down the steps of how to tune my destin. I pray to God that this has a positive effect on me for the sake of my wel being and the well being of my daughters! I hope this is the answer that i have ben craing for so long!

    1. Self Development Secrets

      I’m sure things will turn around for you. Just keep moving forward, you’re heading in the right direction. Don’t forget to take massive action along with tuning your destiny! All the best

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